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"SmartLite Software brings you testing software and educational software for interactive training. Our products and services enhance web based training, distance learning, computer based training and classroom instruction.

Applications include learning needs assessment, web test creation, web quiz creation, placement test, surveys and course evaluations, certifications and online quizzes. SmartLite's software enhances classroom instruction, CBT, Web Based Training and Distance Learning (Web tests and Web quizzes). It gives you the tools you need to measure knowledge, skills (ECDL), and attitudes. Interactive tests transform assessments into educational tools that enhance learning and motivate learners.

Our software developers create products and solutions that make it easy for you to build and deploy online quizzes and assessment tests. Our educational programs Win-Asks and Web-Quiz are ideal tools for trainers, teachers, students, schools, universities, colleges and allow you to create online quizzes, questionnaires, tests and assessments in minutes. You can download free trials from this website."

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Software products and services, enhance web based training. Distance learning, classroom instruction. Download SmartLite educational, training tools

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