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Vamsoft - Download Spam filtering tool - Highly reliable and flexible

Free Download Open Relay Filter Enterprise Edition, ORF Enterprise Edition SMA

Open Relay Filter Enterprise Edition

ist eine Anti-Spam-Lösung, die Sie hier erweben können, um Spam zu blockieren, bevor Ihr Netzwerk erreicht werden kann. ORF verwendet eine Kombination aus Anti-Spam Technologien und kundenspezifische Optionen (Filter) auf SMTP-Protokollebene um Spam zu stoppen. ORF kann mit dem IIS SMTP-Dienst von Microsoft Windows R2-Servern und Microsoft Exchange Server verwendet werden.

ORF Enterprise Edition SMA

Software-Wartungsvertrag für die ORF Enterprise Edition. Die SMA bietet Zugriff auf alle ORF-Releases. SMA-Gültigkeitszeitraum: ein Jahr.

About Vamsoft Ltd.


Our company, Vamsoft Ltd. (was founded in April, 1995 by Gyula Karakas and Dezso Skripecz) provides a leading customs solution for both large and small businesses, customs agencies. We are located in Budapest, Hungary.


The main development areas are the Kompakt ZOLL product package - which is a complex customs information software on Microsoft Windows platform - and customs related online services, such as the free Váminfo service, that provides access to the Hungarian customs tariff database and offers further services.

The Kompakt ZOLL software is a modern three-tier system with strong support for Microsoft SQL Server as a database background.

Our partners are local and international companies (including TNT Express Worldwide Hungary and General Electric).

Other development areas

Despite that our main product line is the Kompakt ZOLL package, we are widening our profile with our new product, the Open Relay Filter. We have been working with Windows NT platforms for years and already have experience with various Microsoft products, such as IIS and Exchange server.

Why we started the development of ORF?

We - and almost everyone who has an email address - receive spam everyday and we know how troublesome it is to read and delete these letters instead of doing our regular job.

After major spam hits, we decided to create something against the unsolicited emails for internal use. The success of this simple tool inspired us to develop a software which could be used public, called Open Relay Filter.

Since 2002, we constantly improving ORF, which became a powerful, highly reliable and flexible spam filtering tool with massive DNS blacklist (DNSBL, RBL) support and regular expression-based filtering.

MCP status - Our company is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Exchange partner."

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Download VamSoft spam filtering tool: highly reliable and flexible. Open Relay Filter Enterprise Edition and ORF SMA, Vamsoft

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