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Today, threats to PCs are appearing in ever-greater numbers and diversity.

Cyber criminals on the Internet are well organized and tend to target PCs with combined threats. DE Kaspersky Internet Security - Umfassender PC-Schutz - Deutsch

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Comprehensive protection for PC and Netbook

Kaspersky Internet Security has all tools which are needed for sure surfing on the Internet. Constant protection for you and your family - whether they work play or just on-line transactions explain.

Are to the threats a step ahead with Kaspersky Internet Security!

Kaspersky Internet Security prevents that Cyber criminal your PC (laptop, notebook) or your Netbook infect with malware software, and then the run speed yours applications on the computer drastically slow down. Kaspersky Internet Security offers security for the Internet, by concurrent protection of your files, music and photos of hacker's attacks.

Real time protection against all digital menaces

KIS prevents PC infection with of every kind from malware, known or unknown ones.

"Safe Surfing" for an unmatched on-line security

The module for sure surfing protects exemplarily against dangerous websites. With regular updates the Kaspersky rennet data bank module, safe will block "Browsing" automatically undesirable Websites, before they become loaded and "actively". Everything what you must act, this function is to be held constantly activated.

Permanent protection of your digital identity

The intelligent Anti Phishing protection and your virtual keyboard protect to a great extent your digital identity. Herewith one can make purchases without hesitation on-line, do banking transactions or use social networks.

Demanding and actual parental control

Advanced Parental Control module can block applications and Internet access, limit and tape, so that your children can surf on-line safe.

The constant application control prevents malware attacks on your PC

This module limits access rights to programs and system resources, depending on how a program counts as sure called or not. Unknown or unsafe use of already installed programs is filtered by the inclusion of the data bank in the cloud from Kaspersky rennet carefully.

The new System Watcher technology

System Watcher revolutionary technology supervises and analyzes every event in the system to recognise exactly every dangerous behaviour. If a menace appears, the user is warned. One has to return any time also the possibility for the original state of the system.

The unique security for applications and Websites

The Security module enables to you to isolate suspicious applications and websites in a certain kind - to let run in protected surroundings - so that they can on no account endanger the system.

Special tools for the fight against complicated menaces

Installation-CD can be used as a restoration-CD to restore the system, if needs. They are able to do your own Recovery CD with Kaspersky rennet software from the Internet downloaded, see the download area for Kaspersky Internet Security - KIS.


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A standalone antivirus solution is no longer enough to fully protect your PC. Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows. KIS protection

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