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Kaspersky AntiVirus and Security - Free Download Protection for WS and Server

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Kaspersky Internet Security - KIS

Integrated and comprehensive protection from all Internet threats. Our new generation product protects from viruses, spyware, spam and privacy threats. A built in personal firewall and antispam filter provide additional protection from identity theft and personalized spam. Kaspersky Internet Security provides a holistic approach to security and deep integration ensures total protection. Complete protection combining the antivirus module in Kaspersky AntiVirus 09/10 with a built-in personal firewall and antispam filter. Kaspersky Internet Security provides protection from viruses, spyware, spam and privacy threats. Now with Parental and Privacy Control!

Kaspersky AntiVirus - KAV

Award-winning antivirus software protects your PC from viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and other malicious programs. Additionally, Kaspersky Anti-Virus keeps your email and instant messages safe from dangerous worms. Reactive detection methods are combined with the newest proactive technologies to provide balanced and effective security, while automatic updates ensure uninterrupted protection and peace of mind.

Kaspersky AntiVirus Mobile

is a convenient and reliable solution that protects smartphones from malicious programs that target mobile platforms. In addition to protecting your mobile device from viruses, worms, and Trojans, Kaspersky AntiVirus Mobile filters out spam and protects your personal information. Scanning and updates are automatic by default, but there are convenient settings built in that allow the user to set up manual scanning and update schedules. In addition, database updates can be done via computer.

KAV for Small and Medium Business

Kaspersky for Workstations (Clients) Windows

The core element of a full-scale anti-virus system for a company network is the reliable protection of its workstations. Kaspersky AntiVirus for Windows WS (workstations) developed by the world's best anti-virus experts solves this problem in the most effective way by creating a reliable barrier against viruses attempting to attack your network. This solution provides real-time protection with files being scanned when accessed, created or modified.

Kaspersky for Linux Workstations

AV protection tools for (WS) workstations working on Linux.

Kaspersky for Microsoft Windows File Servers

provides comprehensive anti-virus protection for file and application servers running Windows Server operating system. The program reliably controls all file operations performed on the company servers. This product provides two-tier data protection: an AntiVirus monitor which scans all accessed, newly created and modified files in real-time, and an anti-virus scanner which scans data storage.

Kaspersky for Linux File Server/UNIX (FreeBSD, OpenBSD)

is a virus protection system for file servers working under Linux (Free-BSD/Open-BSD). The program detects and neutralizes attempts at penetration by malicious code, such as Internet worms, Trojans and ActiveX applets. Malicious code can be deleted, including from tar and zip formats, or can be quarantined in a dedicated directory, pending further analysis.

Kaspersky for Microsoft Exchange Server scans all email messages exchanged via mail systems based on MS Exchange Server. The solution is integrated with the mail system, providing virus detection and treatment functions which reliably prevent viruses from penetrating corporate networks. The solution detects all types of malicious code. Malicious code can be deleted, including from tar and zip formats, or can be quarantined, pending further analysis.

Kaspersky for Microsoft ISA Server By HTTP and FTP transferred data via ISA Server is scanned and filtered for viruses and all malware.

Kaspersky Anti-Spam for Linux or FreeBSD is a highly intelligent system dedicated to protecting businesses with small and medium-size networks against dreaded spam. Kaspersky is the result of a joint effort between the specialists of Kaspersky Labs and Ashmanov and Partners. An built-in administration module based on a web interface allows administrators to modify program settings from any node in the network e.g. change parameters for automatic spam database updates or add new signatures.

Kaspersky for Novell NetWare Full protection for file and application servers running under Novell NetWare. All file operations are scanned in real-time, with definitions for scanning tasks being set by the administrator. When infected and suspicious objects are detected, they can be deleted, treated or quarantined. In order to increase antivirus performance in a multiprocessor environment Kaspersky AV allows you to launch several antivirus engines simultaneously. Virus scanning is distributed efficiently, increasing overall system productivity.

Kaspersky for Samba File-Server This product provides real-time and on demand scanning for all file operations on Samba servers clients. When infected objects are detected, they can be either blocked, deleted or cured, with notification being sent to the system administrator.

Kaspersky for Lotus Notes/Domino integrates with the Lotus Notes/Domino server as an additional module, and scans in real-time mode all messages transmitted by the system. The program checks attached archive and compressed executable files, attached mail format files and mail base files for viruses.

Kaspersky for Linux/FreeBSD/OpenBSD Mail Servers

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