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All malicious programs protrction including Java and ActiveX applets. The Kaspersky Updater module provides the renewal of anti-virus databases every three hours. DE Kaspersky für Linux Workstations - Deutsch

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Detects and disinfects viruses, spyware and other malware - Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Workstation is a two-part solution designed to protect workstations. The first module, the on access protection, is integrated with the operating system and checks file modified files (either new or amended files), thereby ensuring real-time protection of the system without significantly increasing server load. The second module, the on demand scanner, scans the file system, removable media devices and individual files either on schedule or on demand.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Workstation is a workstation anti-virus solution that works on Linux Platforms / FreeBSD. The application intercepts file system and detects malicious code, removes or repairs infected objects or isolates suspicious objects for detailed system analysis.

Real-time protection of the system

The application intercepts file system requests, scans the files being accessed for malicious code and cures or deletes infected objects or isolates suspicious objects for further analysis.

On demand file system scanning

The application scans specified areas for infected and suspicious objects at the time specified (or upon the administrator's command). It analyzes objects and disinfects, deletes or isolates objects for further analysis.


Infected, suspicious and damaged objects detected in the server's file system can be moved to the quarantine folder, where they may undergo further actions, such as disinfection, deletion, etc.

Backup storage

The solution incorporates support for saving copies of infected objects in a backup storage area before they are treated and/or deleted, making it possible to restore them on demand if treatment results in damage to the original file.

Easy administration - Remote administration

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Workstation can be configured either traditionally, via the application's configuration file, or centrally, using Kaspersky Administration Kit.

Fine tuning

Using security policies and tasks, the administrator can configure the application's operating parameters for individual workstations united into groups, receive event notifications, install license keys, etc.

Notification system

Upon detection of a virus or other events, the administrator receives an alert, a copy of which can also be sent by email.


The administrator can make use a broad range of reports providing the desired level of detail on the status of antivirus protection and the program's operation during specified periods of time.

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