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This product scans all incoming and outgoing messages for malicious code, scanning the message body,

attached files (including archive and compressed files), attached messages and embedded OLE objects. DE Kaspersky für MS Exchange Server - Deutsch

Viruses can be removed from messages received prior to program installation, and messages can be re-scanned for viruses following updates to the antivirus database. Such scanning either takes place in background mode or on user request.

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange is a high performance scalable solution designed to protect mail system users from malicious code. The application's seamless integration with the Microsoft Exchange Server ensures effective detection and removal of viruses, creating a reliable barrier to their penetration onto the corporate network.

Real time scanning of email messages

The application scans incoming and outgoing messages for viruses in real time. All message elements, such as attachments (including archived and compressed), embedded OLE objects and attached messages are scanned. Depending upon the application's configuration, infected objects are treated or deleted.

Antivirus scanning of email databases

The program is capable of removing viruses from messages received prior to the program's installation and, after antivirus databases are updated, from previously scanned messages. Such scanning can be performed in the background or from time to time, according to a schedule set by the administrator.

Virus outbreak prevention

The virus outbreak recognition mechanism enables the administrator to take any necessary measures to strengthen the antivirus protection of the mail server. When the predefined virus activity threshold is reached the network administrator is notified by email or via NetSend.

Backup copying of objects

Backup copying makes it possible to restore information if an attempt to treat infected objects results in an error and to send such objects for analysis to Kaspersky Lab experts. User defined filters facilitate searching for objects in the backup storage.

Performance optimization

The administrator can configure the application based on traffic volume and type and the hardware characteristics of the server (amount of RAM, performance, number of CPUs, etc.). Up to eight different objects can be scanned in parallel in RAM, each up to 1 MB.


When running on multiprocessor systems, the application is scaled according to the number of processors installed on the server protected. Several copies of the antivirus engine can be launched to increase the application's performance.

Ease of administration

The application is administered using a plugin for Microsoft Management Console (MMC). After installation the program runs with the optimal settings recommended by Kaspersky Lab specialists. The administrator can customize the application's settings either locally or remotely.

Flexible reporting

Reports on the status of antivirus protection are regularly generated based on predefined templates either automatically or upon the administrator's demand. Logging of events in the Windows application log and the program's own logs provides complete diagnostics of Kaspersky Anti-Virus operation.

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