Kaspersky proxy for Microsoft ISA Server. Windows local area network security

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This solution contains a multitude of functions to provide effective protection for data transferred via ISA

Server. Data transferred by HTTP and FTP is filtered, with potentially dangerous objects being extracted from the data stream and be scanned for viruses. DE Kaspersky für Microsoft ISA Server Deutsch

MS ISA Server can work in three modes: Firewall, Proxy and Integrated. Kaspersky Anti-Virus automatically detects the mode in which the server is operating and implements the required set of filters.

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Comprehensive antivirus protection - Kaspersky AntiVirus for Microsoft ISA Servers provides comprehensive scanning of data entering the local area network from the Internet via HTTP and FTP protocols.

The application supports all popular versions of MS ISA Servers:

Microsoft ISA Server Standard Edition
Microsoft ISA Server Enterprise Edition

Real-time antivirus scanning

The program scans for and removes all types of malicious programs in data traffic transferred via the Microsoft ISA Server. Objects scanned include archived and compressed files in practically any formats.

Detection of potentially hostile software

The application provides protection not only from viruses, but from potentially hostile software as well, including advertising programs, software that collects information on user computers, utilities for remotely monitoring and controlling victim computers and other utilities used by cybercriminals. Such software can be detected by scanning using the extended antivirus databases.

Advanced technologies

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft ISA Server uses the latest technologies to protect users from malicious programs. As comparative tests have shown, the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Engine on which the solution is based provides detection rates that are among the world's highest.

Protection of server arrays

(Only available with Microsoft ISA Server Enterprise Edition)
Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft Server is an optimal solution for reliable protection of ISA servers that operate as array members. Management of protection settings and updating of antivirus databases is performed centrally for all servers in the array.

Launching several copies of the antivirus engine

Several copies of the antivirus engine can be run simultaneously on multi-processor servers (by default, four copies of the antivirus engine run at the same time). This enables the application to scan large volumes of data without reducing the ISA server's performance.

Selection of objects to be scanned and trusted servers

To reduce server load, the administrator can exclude object types that are not potentially dangerous from scanning. The application can also be configured to not scan traffic transferred from servers included on the trusted server list.

Configuration of group rules

The administrator can create user groups and configure scanning rules separately for each group, depending on the security policy in place in the organization.

Optimization for Intel Xeon

(Only available with Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Standard/Enterprise Edition)
Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft ISA Server Enterprise Edition is optimized for multi-processor servers based on the Intel Xeon technology. The application's scalability and high performance make it an optimal choice in high load environments.

Centralized administration

The application can be administered either locally or remotely. The administrator can configure protection parameters for all servers in the array (Microsoft ISA Server Enterprise Edition only), define security policies for each user group, view reports on the application's operation and update antivirus databases.

Notification and reporting system

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft ISA Server uses the Windows performance counters as a monitoring tool. All important messages related to the operation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus are recorded in the Windows application log.

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Contains a multitude of Microsoft security functions. Free Download Kaspersky for MS Windows ISA Server. Security for local area network proxy

Download Kaspersky for MS ISA Server - Network, Windows Local Area

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