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Perimeter security is vital for any organization, but it cannot provide complete protection

Kaspersky Anti-Virus works in real-time to protect individual machines which serve as potential entry points for viruses. This solution provides real-time protection with files being scanned when accessed, created or modified. Infected and suspicious objects can be quarantined, deleted or treated. Local and networked disks can be scanned on demand. Scanning can be initiated manually or automatically in accordance with a defined schedule. DE Kaspersky für Windows Arbeitsstationen/Workstations, Deutsch

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The application scans all incoming and outgoing data streams on workstations, including email, Internet traffic and network communications. For full integration of all components ensures an ever-date, reliable anti-virus program that will make no trouble and has no impact on system performance of workstations.

Why protect WINDOWS workstations?

Perimeter security is vital for any organization, but it cannot provide complete protection. Kaspersky Anti-Virus works in real-time to protect individual machines which serve as potential entry points for viruses:

What's new

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 4 Windows Workstation

Kaspersky AntiVirus for Windows Workstations provides centralized protection of all workstations on a corporate network, and pushes protection beyond the office network to reach remote and laptop users. The solution provides comprehensive protection from all types of contemporary cyber threats, including viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and spam.

All incoming and outgoing files and data streams on workstations are scanned for malicious content, including email, Internet traffic and network communication. The application is compatible with all the most popular Microsoft platforms (including x64 versions).

Proactive technologies

The proactive components in the product deliver protection from threats that have not yet been catalogued in signature databases. All processes launched in the system are analyzed to warn users of possible threats, roll back unwanted changes and restore damaged data. Security for file systems. Files are scanned for malicious content the moment they are created, launched or changed.

Secure communication via email

Mail traffic is scanned at the level of the data transfer protocol (that is, POP3, IMAP, MAPI and NNTP for incoming traffic and SMTP for outgoing traffic, as well as SSL connections). The application is compatible with the most common mail programs.

ty online SafeStream enables the program to scan HTTP traffic in real time, using a signature database that is pared down to include only the most dangerous threats to Internet users at the time of scanning.

Protection from hacker attacks

A new generation firewall together with IDS and IPS systems and predefined rules for more than 250 of the most commonly used applications safeguard users working on any type of network, including WiFi networks.

Protection from phishing and spam attacks

The program identifies and disables links to phishing sites in the Internet browser and rebuffs emails from phishers. Filtration based on formal attributes and a self-training Bayes algorithm ensure high-quality spam prevention.

Intelligent technologies

The first time on-demand scanning is launched all objects are automatically scanned. However, for subsequent scans iSwift and iChecker technologies limit scanning to new and modified files only. Resource management. During periods of increased user activity, the antivirus solution switches to background mode to reduce its demand on system resources, so that they can be used by more high-priority applications.

Compact updates

Smaller updates than ever before are achieved thanks to new technologies for incremental updating. On average, updates are only several tens of kilobytes in size.

Centralized administration

Installing the solution on workstations, configuring protection parameters, managing updates to signature databases and program modules and responding effectively to potentially threatening events - all these as well as other administrative tasks can be carried out centrally and remotely using Kaspersky Administration Kit 6.0.

Choice of installation methods

Any method for centralized software installation can be used, as long as it supports distributives in the MSI format (including via Active Directory).

Configuration options

The administrator can use the security policies and tasks in the program to configure protection parameters for groups of workstations or for individual workstations, receive notifications of events on the network, install license keys, etc.


The system administrator receives notifications of certain types of events (such as the detection of a virus). Duplicate copies of notifications can be sent via email and NetSend.

Graphic reports

Reports provide information about the status of antivirus protection and the program's operation over specific time periods. There are different types of reports, which can be customized to contain the required level of detail.

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