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Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the world's first configurable anti-virus and security solution offered to small and medium-size businesses

Choosing this product you get a comprehensive anti-virus network defence with a powerful, embedded, centralized system for virus defence management. Centralised management and installation tools ensure ease of use. DE Kaspersky AV/Security - Infos zur Anzahl der Lizenzen, Deutsch

The unique set of programs included in the package supports a wide range of platforms and applications.

It protects workstations, file servers, and controls data traffic in e-mail systems. The ability to choose necessary components enables the creation of a protection system, which will ideally meet company requirements.

Protection for each network node is based on its individual conditions:

Kaspersky all Licenses here Minimal quantity of licenses which can purchased online (via Internet store) - 10, maximum - 500. Minimal quantity of licenses which can purchased offline (via distributors) - 1, maximum - 500.
For example, with one order you can purchase anti-virus protection for 50 Windows workstations, 3 Novell Servers and 50 mailboxes running on Exchange. Thus, you can also easily purchase additional licenses for any Kaspersky Anti-Virus components via the Kaspersky Labs on-line store. Just indicate the types of platforms or applications to protect and the amount of licenses you need and you will get a highly configurable virus protection solution and pay only for the components you use.

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Software, Information: how to select configurable Licenses for Kaspersky Anti-Virus + Security. For KAV, KIS and K-OSS. Kaspersky businesses

Select configurable Licenses for KIS, KAV or K-OSS

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