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Controller for Pocket PC

An easy-to-use, versatile companion for Pocket PC users.

It combines productivity tools with unique presentation functionality. You'll wonder how you made do without it before!

To use Laplink Controller for Pocket PC, your Microsoft ActiveSync software must be installed and functional. Laplink Controller for Pocket PC uses the underlying connection, so you must be able to connect and synchronize with MS ActiveSync.

After installation of Laplink Controller for Pocket PC, you'll be able to quickly establish a connection and begin exploring the many tools and features. Of particular interest is the "skin" function, which provides a highly realistic image of the PDA to view on your PC.

Share Direct

Private, secure instant networking.

Imagine instantly sharing any folder on your PC with one or thousands of users, without ever having to change or manage your Internet, firewall or router configurations.

What if the same application could protect your file transfers from viruses and protect your system with 256-bit encryption?

What if it required no training or IT involvement, took minutes to set up and was affordable for any type of user?

Nearly all file sharing applications today restrict you to sharing one file at a time, but with Share-Direct you can share the entire contents of a folder easily and securely. ShareDirect allows you to connect any folder on your PC with one or thousands of authenticated Share-Direct members in just a few clicks. The folder-to-folder connections are established directly from your Windows File Manager, creating instant, trusted private networks that you control.

It simply doesn't get easier than this. Finally, a secure file sharing application designed for any PC user.

Laplink Everywhere

Complete access to your PC from any web enabled device, anytime, anywhere.

Access Outlook, other programs, files and network resources as if you were sitting in front of your PC:

Laplink Gold

Complete Connectivity - Network Administrator not required.

Access files, synchronize data between PCs, run database applications, conduct remote meetings, support co-workers or friends, print files on distant printers, operate, maintain and even reboot PCs or servers . Now imagine doing all of this with a single application no matter where you or your PCs are. Laplink Gold transforms your imagination into reality. Through its innovative features Laplink Gold gives you a level of mobility, independence and control you may never have thought possible within a single application.

Laplink Gold provides you with award-winning remote control and file transfer technology that leverages the power of the Internet to connect two PCs easily and securely. At your desk or on the road, LapLink Gold provides you with easy and quick access to any of your PCs, allowing you to access all of your network resources.

Laplink Gold sets the benchmark in PC connectivity with its new enhanced Remote Desktop, Internet functionality, streamlined user interface, built in Virus scanner, firewall support and the new USB 2.0 Laplink cable.

Lap-Link Gold is the first complete connectivity application to allow safe and simple connections through firewalls and routers, without any special configuration. With Laplink Internet, you can make your connection without opening any ports.

With the new Remote Desktop feature users can remotely control a Windows machine that is running terminal services. Unlike other RDP applications, Lap-Link Gold allows you to establish a remote desktop connection through multiple firewalls and routers without any special configuration.

Laplink Gold enhances the remote support and training capabilities of your IT department and corporate helpdesk. With Gold you can easily control, capture/retrieve snapshots and obtain system information of remote machines. The Push Install Feature allows you to deploy Lap-Link Gold across your enterprise from a single location. Laplink Gold supports Windows Server, minimizing the challenge of operating in mixed-platform environments.

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Controller for Pocket PC, easy-to-use companion for Pocket PC users. Laplink: Share Direct, Lap-Link everywhere. Network remote access. Instant secure

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