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EVEREST Corporate Edition

to manage and to protect your IT property area. Herewith IT administrators receive a unique solution to receive 360 ° views with all qualities of an IT scenery to diagnose problems, to recognise dangers and to be able to plan successfully furthermore up-to-date for the digital future.
Everest Corporate Edition Ausgabe ist der "Zauberstab" in dem EDV-Bereich, um sich zu behelfen und Ihren IT-Vermögen zu sichern. Hiermit erhalten IT-Administratoren eine einzigartige Lösung, um eine 360°-Ansicht mit allen Eigenschaften einer IT-Landschaft zu erhalten, um Probleme zu diagnostizieren, Gefahren zu erkennen und weiterhin zeitgemäß für die digitale Zukunft erfolgreich planen zu können.

EVEREST Ultimate (Engineer)

is an excellent PC, diagnostics, software utility program which helps you, while it instal, optimising or mistake removal your computer, the whole information giving of which you can think about your system - from hardware devices and installed drivers to the operating system security and stability metrics.
Everest Ultimate Edition ist ein ausgezeichnetes PC-, Diagnostik-, Software-Dienstprogramm, das Ihnen hilft, indem es installiert, optimierend oder Fehlerbeseitigung Ihr Computer, die ganze Auskunft gebend, an die Sie über Ihr System - von Hardware-Geräten und installierten Treibern zur Betriebssystemsicherheit und Stabilitätsmetrik denken können.

About Lavalys Inc.

"Lavalys is a software publisher company of advanced administration solutions that are effective for small, medium and large-scale enterprises worldwide. Lavalys provides integrated management and monitoring solutions for Windows-based systems which addresses the growing needs for organizations to protect their IT network investments without breaking their budgets.

Lavalys has been very active over the years and still today in the OEM business but due to huge demands from customers and resellers all around the globe, the company has decided to offer our solutions. There are several known software vendors and products that are using Lavalys" technologies!

Lavalys is dedicated to providing effective and economical solutions to small, medium and large-scale business. Our products help network administrators and systems integrators with their job of providing well-integrated and cost-effective network management solutions. Lavalys is committed to meeting those needs through its worldwide partnerships with value added resellers and business partners. Our tools and solutions for Windows are definitely setting the standard in its market segment.

We are continuously seeking new solutions and ways our customers can improve and accelerate the systems they work with daily, so that they can concentrate on what is truly important: their core competence.

Our portfolio includes world-class and state-of-the-art solutions, both large scale for organizations and small scale for individuals, that address the major problems facing today's IT landscapes: audit, system information, change management, inventory, benchmark, licensing as well as security.

Lavalys is a privately held company that is headquartered in Montreal (Canada) with sales and R&D office in Hungary."

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