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Solve the magic Mahjongg puzzles in an ancient tower. Match tiles in pairs to eliminate them from the board. Supremely easy to learn but hard to stop playing! For anyone who has ever played a variation of Mahjongg and liked it, you'll love 3D Magic Mahjongg!

Game Features: You can start having fun right away - Gorgeous lightning and particle effects - Statistics for each board layout - Game analysis: check at each move if a layout is still solvable - Ambient background music - Beautiful full screen display and stunning 3D graphics - relaxing and mentally challenging at the same time - Non-violent and fun for all ages.


An Asian board game that combines elements from Chess and Checkers.

GreenFace - the Virtual Reality

Challenge your wits and reflexes with GREENFACE. This puzzle game plays like the very popular classic arcade hits Boulderdash and Dig Dug.

Updating the timeless and addictive gameplay of those classic arcade puzzle/action hits Boulder-Dash and Dig-Dug with even more cunningly designed puzzles and newer, deadlier obstacles, Green-Face also introduces gorgeous environments, funny sound effects and an atmospheric soundtrack for a nostalgic yet unique gaming experience that will test both your wits and your reflexes in 95 levels of original and addictive game-play.

Green-Face - the Virtual Reality (Deutsch)

Murphy ist einem gigantischen Cyber-Verbrechen auf der Spur. Ahnunsglose Internet-Surfer werden ins Netz des Global-Uni-Net gelockt und dort in der virtuellen Realität gefangen gehalten. Nur wenn Murphy alle Infotrons findet, erhält er das Passwort, mit dem er diesem Spuk ein Ende bereiten kann.

In bester Boulderdash-Manier muss Murphy durch die Levels des Global-Uni-Net gelotst werden. Computer-Bauteile versperren den Weg, Gegenstände gehorchen der Schwerkraft und fallen auf Murphy, wenn er nicht höllisch aufpasst. Mit Bomben und Zeitzündern werden strategisch wichtige Hindernisse aus dem Weg geräumt. Kleine Ungetüme warten nur darauf, Murphy zu jagen und die Hardware-Kühler machen den Weg noch beschwerlicher.

In sage und schreibe 95 Levels kann der Spieler seine kleinen grauen Zellen zur Weißglut treiben. Wem das nicht reicht: kein Problem, mit dem mitgelieferten Level-Editor werden eigene Levels komfortabel editiert. Coole Music, schöne Grafiken und durchdachtes Level-Design bescheren allen Freunden von familien-freundlichen Tüftel- und Denkspielen wochenlangen Spielspass.

Groschengrab 3D

Groschengrab simuliert vier unterschiedliche Geldspielautomaten, die originalgetreu nachmodelliert sind. Inclusive Gewinnberechnungen aller möglichen Scheibenstellungen.

Incredi Bubble

Guide Dolphin Phlipper and his friends through an underwater puzzle world. Put three or more bubbles of the same color together so that they burst and disappear from the playing field.

7 different game modes (including two-player modes) keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. More than 200 (!) levels guarantee weeks of fun. Relax and enjoy this addictive, family-fun 3D puzzle game. Easy to learn, hard to master!

Lost Idols - Puzzle Crusade

Do you have what it takes to be the next Indiana Jones? Find out if you have the necessary logical skills and nerves of steel in your quest for the Lost Idols!

In this puzzle/adventure game, Golden Idols have been stolen from sacred monasteries. Travel to the Himalayan mountains and deep caverns and retrieve them.


The Way of Stones is proof that a game does not need many rules to be sophisticated. The concept is simple, yet each new move offers a wealth of possibilities to be explored, making this a perfect entry for the deep-thinking strategist.

Fill up the board as much as possible with stones, each of which can be placed only adjacent to a stone that shares either its color or its name. Like all great board games, Mariko´s concept is deceptively simple, but offers a deeply complex and challenging experience.

You are given a set of 72 tiles, each marked with a specific color and figure. The stones are presented one at a time, and you place them on a board with 96 slots, next to other matching pieces. The more stones that your stone touches, the more points you earn for that stone.

The basic idea of matching tiles is enhanced with restrictions on the types of matches possible. Tiles are matched by color and figure, with the elusive four-way match being the best play (match two by color and another two by figure). The game is won by making the highest score possible, but you will quickly find other goals to achieve, such as using all the tiles or scoring four-way matches around the starting board.

No Limits Rollercoaster Simulation

The ultimate roller coaster simulation game that lets you experience authentic roller coaster thrills. Focusing on realism and speed,

No-Limits lets you ride pre-built real existing coasters, or build a roller coaster to your own specifications. Every kind of coaster element that you could imagine is possible to design. There are no limits!


Challenge your logical skills with space themed puzzle game Pathfinder. Guide your space fleet back to your home base. However, the journey is filled with dangers and obstacles. Encounter planets and space debris which block your way, comets which change the path of your ships, and even vortexes that warp your ships to other locations in a blink.

You must overcome these hazards, or even make use of them to your advantage in your mission to send every ship in your fleet home safely. To make things more challenging, there are different types of ships which can only enter their own specific base. However, players need not feel intimidated by the game's difficulty as the game has a gentle learning curve. Starting with simple puzzles with one ship and little obstacles, Pathfinder is slowly introducing new obstacles and different ships as players get more experienced in solving the puzzles. Eventually, players will be guiding their space fleets. Players even have a chance to skip a puzzle at which they are stuck, and carry on to the next level. However, they only have 5 chances to leave a puzzle unsolved. After that, they must complete a previously unsolved level to be able to skip a higher level again. Pathfinder features graphics with a sci-fi theme which will be very familiar to fans of Star Trek, and appeal to gamers seeking a challenging and fun puzzle game. The full version includes the full 100 levels plus additional puzzles created by other users which can be downloaded from Pathfinder's homepage. In addition, the full version also includes the powerful level editor which allows you to create your own levels for virtually unlimited replay-ability. Pathfinder is a challenging, non-violent yet fun game for the whole family.

Ploing-2 - English

Is it Arkanoid? Is it Breakout? Is it Pinball? Is it Pong? No. It¿s PLOING ! A unique mix of arcade classics put in a fantastic 3D environment.

The astronaut Peter Pilot is lost in space and he must travel through several galaxies to reach his home galaxy. Unfortunately his rocket is not prepared for such a long journey. His rocket can only fly from planet to planet where Peter has to fill up the tanks with fuel. Each of those planets contains different challenges that our hero has to master. He has to push comets with his paddle to break bricks and bubbles in a strange universe. This game does not contain any violence and is suited for players of all ages.

Ploing-2 - Deutsch

Ist es Pinball? Ist es Pong? Ist es Arkanoid oder Breakout? Nein, es ist Ploing! Der einzigartige 3D Genremix klassischer Spielprinzipien, kombiniert mit vielen neuen, atemberaubenden Features
Peter Pilot ist mit seiner Rakete ohne Treibstoff auf einem einsamen Planeten in einer weit entfernten Galaxie gestrandet. Nur mit seinem kleinen Speedboard ausgestattet, muss er sich den nötigen Treibstoff hart erarbeiten. So kämpft er sich mühsam von Planet zu Planet, von Galaxie zu Galaxie zurück in heimatliche Gefilde.

Auf jedem Planeten wartet eine neue Aufgabe. Peter muß mit Hilfe von Kometen Kristall-Steine zerbrechen, Treibstoff-Basen explodieren lassen und Meteoriten aus der Bahn werfen. Die Kometen können durch mysteriöse Tore geschossen werden, geheimnisvolle Memory-Würfel lösen sich in farbenprächtigen Effekten auf. Der Spieler findet zahlreiche Bonusgegenstände, die die gestellten Aufgaben etwas erleichtern: Magneten, Laser, Zeitbonus, Eraser, Electric Flash, Jumper, etc.

Mittels eines Tutorial Levels gestaltet sich der Einstieg äußerst einfach. Die 50 Levels weisen einen ansteigenden Schwierigkeitsgrad auf. Ploing kommt ohne Gewalt aus und kann die ganze Familie für Wochen an den Computer fesseln.

Sammy Suricate - English

A family-friendly 3D Jump and Run game. The hero Sammy is a suricate and he has to make his way through the dangerous Lion-Land. As the name says, his main enemies are lions, but not just any lions!

There are Rasta-lions, Rocker-lions and some more. Pretty dangerous folks... The object of the game is to collect a certain number of gems to leave the level, but of course there is more to explore. Sammy has to find magic gems which open magic doors, use the wasp weapon, discover secret castles, use elevators and platforms to explore huge areas, fight and hide in arenas and much more.

Sammy Suricate - Deutsch

Sammy, das kleine Erdmännchen, muss das gefährliche Land der Löwen durchqueren, um zurück zu seiner Familie zu gelangen. Auf seinem Weg lauern seltsame und verrückte Gestalten, die unserem Helden ans Leder wollen: Rocker-Löwen, Punk-Löwen, Rasta-Löwen, Hippie-Löwen und vieles mehr. Sammy ist den Gegnern aber nicht hilflos ausgeliefert, denn zum einen ist er schnell und klug. Zum anderen helfen ihm seine Freunde die Wespen.

Die Szenarien sind vielfältig. Es gibt beispielsweise Wüstenlandschaften, ausgefallene Gebäude-Konstruktionen, verworrene Labyrinthe, Gärten, Baumhäuser und Hütten in Felsengebieten, schwebende Plattformen oder Burgen, die es zu erkunden gilt. Der Spieler kann zwischen 3 verschiedenen Modi mit insgesamt 36 Levels wählen. So gibt es einen Übungsmodus bei dem die Handhabung von Sammy spielerisch erlernt werden kann , einen "Think&Run"-Modus sowie den klassischen "Jump&Run"-Modus.

Tobi In Panic

Feel the adrenaline rush with this addictive and challenging puzzle/action game. The player must guide Tobi around cunningly designed maps on his quest to eliminate the mean bullies. Climb ladders, slide down poles, collect and launch bombs, while nasty pursuers out to capture Tobi follow closely behind. Rather than just offering players the same numbing game-play of run-and-shoot games.

Tobi has to collect bombs that are scattered in the levels. Use the bombs wise and the enemies will be defeated when a bomb explodes at the right time in the right place. But be careful: Tobi can also be harmed by an exploding bomb. Place the bombs strategically and run away fast, so Tobi will not lose after setting off a bomb. This introduces a cerebral element: a quick mind is as important as sharp reflexes. There are many possible solutions for every level, and the fun in the game comes from the challenges and sense of discovery when you find a new solution to the same level. The game automatically saves the players" progress after every level, so you can stop and continue any time you want, making this the perfect time killer. Tobi In Panic is a totally different experience from other action games. You must use a keen sense of timing to place the bombs and a pure logic to keep Tobi alive and complete the stages in the quickest possible time. Tobi in Panic is easy to learn, but hard to master. If you want a fun game which will challenge both your reflexes and your wits, Tobi in Panic provides 100 levels of addictive, non-violent entertainment for all ages!

Tobi On The Run - English

Challenge your wits and reflexes with TOBI ON THE RUN. This puzzle game plays like the very popular classic arcade hit Loderunner, now updated with beautiful 3D rendered graphics, comical sound effects and great background music.

Tobi is on a quest for the incredible Golden Donuts, but nasty bullies are after him as well. Help him outrun or outsmart his pursuers in cunningly designed mazes. Easy to learn, but hard to master, TOBI ON THE RUN, the modern day Lode Runner, provides 100 levels of addictive, non-violent fun for all ages!

Tobi On The Run - Deutsch

Tobi auf der Flucht. Gejagt von fiesen Gegnern muss Tobi durch Labyrinthe sprinten und die sagenhaften goldenen Donuts finden. Seine Waffen: schnelle Beine, kluger Kopf und eine Schaufel. Über abenteuerliche Parcours, verbunden durch Leitern, immer auf der Flucht vor einer Übermacht von Widersachern führt seine Odyssee durch eine seltsame Welt.

Aller Anfang ist leicht, doch der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt unaufhörlich an. Bis zu fünf Gegner jagen Tobi unaufhörlich durch die Levels, mopsen die Schätze und versuchen ihn zu fangen. Es ist schwierig, den Rivalen Paroli zu bieten, doch Tobi ist immer einen Tick schneller und kann so seine Missionen erfüllen.

100 Levels, 10 verschiedene Grafik-Sets, stimmungsvolle Musikuntermalung und intelligente Gegner garantieren für lang anhaltenden Spielspass.

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