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Mobile Master Forensic, Corporate, Professional, Standard/Light

The mobile phone tool & sync master, a Cell phone manager.

Mobile Master Forensic Edition - English

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Mobile Master - The cell phone tool and sync master

Handle your mobile phone data easily on your PC

Special Edition Mobile Master Forensic

Request a evaluation license for Mobile Master Fornesic: Please send email (to mmforensic(at) and ask for a test license to evaluate Mobile Master Forensic.

Mobile Master - Characteristics and differences individual versions

1) Light Edition: only Text- or CSV-file, Standard and Professional: Mozilla, Lotus Notes,Outlook, etc.
2) advanced field assignment: e.g. e.g. to have the companies name if there is now family name, or to combine the name in the phone by "last name" "first name', very useful when you use a Nokia or Samsung phone.

Feature Overview

Supported mobile phones

Here the supported phones, that have been tested with Mobile Master are here listed.
Connection with the phone: serial cable, USB cable (e.g. von HOT WIRE), Infrared (Irda) or Bluetooth.

Your phone is not listed? - Please just try out yourself

Just try Mobile Master with your phone. Mobile Master will analyze the capabilities of your phone
With Benq Siemens and Sony Ericsson phones chances are good, that most features do work, with Nokia phones it is not that easy. Or check for an update un 2 weeks
Other phones that are not listed above, the phone book and SMS functionality might work, address book, calendar and note won't.

Please do not send email to ask, when this or that phone will be supported, they will not be answered.
Please subscribe the newsletter to stay informed.

Setup Wizard

Quick start area

Phone book

In the Mobile Master's phone book editor you can easily load, modify, add and save the phone/address book's items. And you can do a synchronization, or if you want to check what will be synchronized do a comparison, then check all and modify items, and then perform a synchronization.


In the calendar editor you can easily load, edit, add and save (to the phone) appointments and tasks


Edit the notes in a table like the phone book and calendar, load, edit and send the notes to the phone.

SMS/text messages

In the SMS center you can easily read, store, write and send your SMS:

SMS Servant

The SMS Servant is an extra program with more functionlity for SMS (text messages)
The SMS Servant is installed with Mobile Master:

Phone Explorer

With the Phone Explorer you can easily copy files from and to your phone:


With Mobile Master you can synchronize your phone/address book and your calendar with your phone:


Define which folders or categories/groups (you have e.g. in Outlook) shall be synchronized
For each folder or category/group you can define different filter settings, e.g. add a prefix to the name in the phone for a certain category, to have them listed in the phone one after the other.

Copy Station

With the copy station you can copy the phone book from one phone to another, e.g. from a Nokia 6130 to a Benq Siemens S65 or a Sony Ericsson K750. The Fields will be mapped automatically, can be modified.

Mobile Master Agent

The Mobile Master Agent is a small application located in the System-Tray, with it you can easily:

More features

If you have more than one phone you can create a profile for each of them.

Operating system - Mobile Master System Requirements

800 Mhz or faster
30 MByte available space on hard drive
Connection to the phone by cable, infrared or Bluetooth
Screen resolution at least 800 x 600 with at least 65535 colors
Or an Intel Mac with Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion


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