Namo Web Canvas, a vector based web graphic drawing tool

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A vector-based Web graphic drawing tool optimized for use with Namo WebEditor, making it easy to create and manage all graphic resources in a unified environment.

Namo Web Canvas

now offers more abundant graphic work resources and enhanced compatibilities.

Draw Anything

If you can imagine it, you can draw it with Namo Web-Canvas. Familiar pen and polygon tools let you easily draw any shape, no matter how complex. Use layers to manage paths and simplify your work.

Sufficient Web component library

Get Creative with Text - Put text on a curver? No problem. Then convert your text into paths and get really creative with it.

Create Dazzling Effects

Use clipping masks to blend drawing objects or blend an object with a bitmap image. The possibilities are endless.

Make RollOvers The Easy Way

Namo Web-Canvas's unique Sheets feature makes it a snap to create rollover buttons that integrate perfectly with Namo Web-Editor's navigation bars. Creating rollover effects has never been easier.

Improved compatibilities

Improved file support

With Namo WebCanvas, you can open more diverse file types and save or export them. You can export the selected objects or a selected portion of the image in BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, TNG file formats using the Export menu or save the document in BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, TNG, and SVG file format.

Saving option settings

When you save the document or export selection of the document, the Options dialog box corresponding to the file type you've selected appears and helps you set the save options more efficiently.

Compatible with Namo WebEditor

You can insert Namo Web-Canvas drawings directly to the Edit mode of Namo Web-Editor or add a drawing to Namo Web-Editor's Smart ClipArt Library so you can use it conveniently when you create a web page with Namo WebEditor.

Easy SVG file editing

When you save a document in a SVG file format, Namo Web-Canvas add an ID to each object, which modifying the SVG file with an editing program such as Notepad easier.

New drawing tools

Pencil Tool

You can draw open or closed paths as if you were drawing with a pencil on paper. You can create fast sketches and a hand-drawn look just by dragging your mouse.

Line Tool

You can draw an individual straight line quickly and easily using the Line Tool.

Arc Tool

By simply dragging the mouse, you can create the arc. You can also specify the degree of curvature and the orientation of the arc in the Arc dialog box.

Text Area Tool

The Text Area Tool lets you add paragraphs of text to an image. Unlike with the Text Tool, you can specify how the text is aligned horizontally and vertically within the text box, and the text reflows rather than changing size when you resize the text box.

More efficient working environment

Ruler origin and unit setting

You can change the origin of either or both of the horizontal and vertical rulers. This can be useful when positioning an object relative to another object. You can also change the unit of measure for the rulers from the default pixels to centimeters or inches.

Grid position changing

You can have the grid display either in front of or behind the objects on the Canvas, which helps you more accurately position, resize, and align objects.

Canvas magnification

You can adjust the Canvas magnification by clicking the Zoom In/Out button, selecting the number from the magnification factors, using a wheel mouse, or typing a magnification factor.

Tool Palette docking

Like other attribute windows, you can dock the Tool Palette by clicking the title bar of the Tool Palette or dragging it to the left or right side.

More intelligent work with objects

Symbol redefining and replacing

After modifying an instance, you can redefine the original symbol in the Symbols window using the modified object. Or you can redefine a symbol using a new object. When you redefine a symbol, all existing instances of the symbol inherit the new definition. You can also easily replace symbol using the Replace Symbol dialog box.

Easy URL typing

When you type a URL that starts with "www" and has at least two dots, Namo WebCanvas will automatically add "http://" at the beginning of the URL.

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A vector-based web graphic drawing tool for use with Namo Web-Editor. Namo Web Canvas: efficient working environment, more intelligent objects work

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