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Download Namo Web Editor Suite - Strong in Basic HTML Functions: Webeditor

Including Web-Editor, standalone Web-Canvas, and other free tools, is strong in basic HTML functions, convenient to use for anyone from beginners to experts.

Web-Editor suite

Saying it covers A to Z of making web sites

Stylish Web designing

Namo Web-Editor 9 contains various functions for users to catch up with refined up-to-date web design. The stylish web design will make the contents outstanding and more attractive.

Seamless web coding

Various and convenient more coding functions are provided for web programmers. They support various extended languages, and help create slim and seamless codes.

Exchangeable web contents authoring

HTML is no more for home pages only. It does not require special software to be read, and can be read in intranet, groupware, office, etc.
Now, the HTML Editor is the standard tool for documents creating editing.

Image Effect dialog box to make refined images

In the Image Effect dialog box, you can easily add text to an image or draw lines, circles, and rectangles. You can also draw with a freehand pencil or brush.

Photo Album, better than ever

With the redesigned Photo Album Wizard, you can now save your settings when you create a photo album and then reuse them when you create another. The Photo Album Wizard has also been improved to offer a more user-friendly process.

Better Support for CSS

Namo Web-Editor 9 fully supports CSS with various upgraded tools. You can check all the applied CSS class styles at the same time in the Formatting panel. With the Style dialog box, not only can you see the styles inside the document but also those linked from outside, and edit, save them immediately. By using the easy-to-see dialog boxes, you can change the priorities of the styles whether they are outside or inside the document.

Tracing Image

You can place a tracing image "under" a document and use it to help lay out the document. A tracing image is invisible in browsers. You can specify tracing image settings in the Document Properties dialog box.

Info Bar

When you work on a table, Namo Web-Editor now optionally shows the widths of the table and its cells in a bar at the top of the table. When you click an image in Edit mode, its display size and its actual size are optionally displayed below the image.

Library with the touch of experts - new themes, etc.

Without extra graphic work, you can take advantage of new themes, smart clip arts, flash buttons, card templates, etc. created by graphic designers, to make your web site smart and cool. Also, you can get more themes and resources through the internet.

Smart ClipArt editing

With the Smart ClipArt editor, you can simply create your own banners and buttons. Also you can transform them into images.

Namo Seamless web coding

Quick Tag Editor for easier source work

The Quick Tag Editor window lets you quickly edit the HTML code of selected content or insert new HTML code at the current location. To open the Quick Tag Editor window, press Ctrl+Q or, on the Edit menu, click Quick Tag Editor.

Code Helpers for speedy auto tag completion

Quick-select menus appear when you start typing a tag, attribute, or CSS property in the HTML window. To enable code helpers, on the Tools menu, click Preferences. In the HTML Source tab, select Enable code helpers.

Syntax Highlighting

In HTML mode, Namo WebEditor now applies source coloring to PHP, ASP, JSP, and Javascript code in addition to HTML. You can change the settings for coloring tags in the HTML Source tab of the Preferences dialog box.


Namo Web-Editor fully supports XHTML, the extended language of HTML. You can save the document as X-HTML to utilize more functions.

Improved Tag Selector

When you select the Preview option, the Tag Selector displays tags formatted the way their content actually appears, including such attributes as color, font, border, etc. Also, the Tag Selector's right-click menu now includes more commands, including commands to open the Quick Tag Editor for a specific tag, quickly open the Style dialog box for more tag types, and open the HTML Reference directly to the appropriate page for a tag.

HTML/CSS Reference

Namo WebEditor offers a handy HTML/CSS reference. You can open the corresponding reference window in the HTML mode by placing the cursor on a tag or property, and pressing the Shift+F1 key to open.

Exchangeable Namo web contents authoring

Blog Posting

Blogging is the latest popular web trend. However, most blogs provide no more than basic edit functions. Now you can create a stylish new look for your blog with Namo Web-Editor 9, and post it right away with one click even if you don't know HTML.(Currently, only two types are supported: Movable Type and

Empowered Tag Cleanup

When you post a document on a website, which you have saved as HTML by MS office program, many times it does not appear as it is intended to do on the screen because of useless tags. By using Namo WebEditor's Tag Cleanup function, you can easily knock them out, and have the document shown without distortion on a website.

Calculating Values in a Table

Namo Web-Editor 9 supports a Table Calculation function, which used to be only available through office programs. You don't need a calculator. The values in the table will be calculated automatically. You can get totals, averages, maximum/minimum values, etc.

Improved File Support(MS office)

You can now open files in *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt, *.hwp, and *.gul formats directly from the Open dialog box.

ASP, PHP, JSP Template Saving

With Namo Web-Editor's powerful source preservation function, you can save the document intactly that contains various scripts, and retrieve them when you need. Also you can edit the script of those extended document to your taste.

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One of the most complete web authoring tools, Namo WebEditor Suite. Stylish Web designing. Web Editor: strong in basic HTML functions

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