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Nico Cuppen Digital Postman Pro

Send any document as e-mail attachment! It's so easy. Start Digital Postman. Put your document in the scanner and Digital Postman will do the rest. He will generate a new message in your e-mail program and attach the document. He will then ask you for the recipient's address and a subject and to press Send. It's easier than sending a fax!

Fax Machine

Got a scanner and a modem? Save yourself the cost of a fax machine. Send and receive your faxes with Fax Machine. Here is how it works: insert a document in your scanner, start Fax Machine, click Scan a page (several times if you want to send a multi-page fax), click Send Fax, fill in the recipient telephone number and off it goes. That's all!

Nico's Backup

... saves your valuable business, tax, financial and legal data but also your cherished personal e-mails, family-heirloom digital photos or videos and creative works from being lost when something happens to your PC. Get all your data back in no time after a hard drive failure, lightning strike, motherboard failure or outright theft of the system. You can even use backup sets to assist in moving files to a new PC, get the new box set up and ready to use in a flash.

Nico's Backup will automatically store specified files and folders into a single ZIP file that can be filed on disk, burned on CD/DVD or sent to an FTP site. To define backup sets Nico's Backup uses a simple step-by-step wizard, which helps you selecting files/folders, backup locations and backup schedules. When the defining of the backup set is done, you can leave the rest up to Nico's Backup.

Nico's Commander

A Norton Commander like file manager, a clever Zip archive manager, a full blown FTP client and a fast graphics viewer, all in one package, that's Nico's Commander!

Try Nico's Commander for free and see for yourself how it works. Click here to download a 30 day trial version. Nico's Commander is shareware.

Nico's Commander supports both English and Dutch. During installation you can choose what language to use.

Nico's Mailer

For sending e-mail messages to large numbers of recipients. Want to send the same e-mail to many addresses? A piece of cake with Nico's Mailer. The program helps you maintain the mailing list, the messages and any attachments you may want to send along. A separate message is sent to each recipient: there is no indication in the message that it is part of a larger mailing.

Photocopier Pro

Got a scanner and a printer? Why not combine the two into a copier? You no longer need a real photo copier if you have Photocopier. This is how it goes: insert a document into your scanner, start Photocopier and press its Copy button. After a few moments your printer produces a copy of the document. That's it. No difficult settings to make, it's very user friendly.

SMSX ActiveX Control

Want to incorporate an SMS messenger in your system? No need to develop it yourself. Our SMSX ActiveX Control can be used in any development environment that supports the use of ActiveX controls. It enables you to send SMS messages to a cell phone. To do this the control uses your modem or ISDN line to connect to the SMS Centre (SMSC) of a telecom company and deliver the message there. The SMSC forwards your message to the recipients, even if this includes communication with another telecom company. SMSX reports back with a result message for each of the recipients.

Site Kick

Is your website alive? Always? Even when you don't look? SiteKick is a software application that constantly monitors the availability of your website. Or any number of websites for that matter. Whenever it finds that the site is inaccessible, SiteKick gives you a warning, a beep or SMS to your cell phone. It does what you want it to do. So that you need not worry whether your site is still alive.

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