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iseemedia Morph Man

The newest release of the most powerful morphing application for PC.

This version introduces layers which allow for creation of sophisticated morphing effects and easier integration with video compositing tools. Use full power of fast morphing algorithms, onion skin interface, live preview, vector shape tools, edge detection, and motion estimation for creation of hi-end photo-to-photo and video-to-video morphing.

Photovista 3D Objects

Create Truly Interactive Web Sites! Let your site visitors "pick up", rotate and examine anything from an antique vase to a half-ton truck.

Simply photograph the item and let Photo-Vvista 3D Objects stitch your pictures into a high-quality, seamless image object ready to publish to your Web site. The files are compact and your visitors can view them on any browser without a plug-in.

Photovista Panorama

Create spectacular 360° panoramic images that you can print, share, email and publish to any website.

Photovista Panorama has an intuitive, easy to use interface that allows you to stitch a series of still images together into a single panoramic image or a 360° web panorama in minutes. Perfect for real estate,travel, art galleries, museums and digital photography enthusiasts!

Photovista Virtual Tour

An easy-to-use, complete suite of programs for creating interactive virtual tours for the web complete with moving panoramas, images, audio and navigation "hot spots". Photo-Vista Virtual Tour 3.0 empowers users to easily create image based virtual tours for viewing on the Internet.

Now you can create virtual tours of vacation spots, real estate properties, malls and more, complete with moving 360 panoramas, audio, images and more.


Transforms images through a collection of visual tools. Import any image file or scan a photo, then export to caricature or movie. All deformations and animation playback run in REAL TIME regardless of the size of original image.

Operating System: Pentium processor, 16MB RAM, 5 MB of free disk space, 800 x 600 minimum screen resolution, Windows operating system).

Picture Man PRO

The first application with a complete set of image processing and editing functions available in 48 bit (16 bit per channel) color mode.

Image editing, including filtering, retouching, and multi-layering in 48 bit color offers multiple advantages over conventional image editing in 24 bit (8 bit per channel) color mode. STOIK products with full support of 48 bit color will allow users to enjoy the benefits provided by 48 bit enabled scanners and modern digital cameras offering more than 8 bits per channel color.

Operating System:
Picture Man will run on Windows.

To run on your computer, Picture Man will also need the following system requirements: Pentium, 64MB RAM Windows.

Reality Studio

A complete set of tools for multimedia designers who want to build compelling content that truly shows the quality of your products.

It's easy to create photo-realistic, fully immersive experiences, such as "walking through" a museum, zooming into product details, browsing an online store or viewing a realistic panorama of a travel destination.

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