Premiumsoft. Supporting access to My SQL. Navicat for MySQL

PremiumSoft CyberTech: Navicat - The gateway for supporting Access to MySQL - Database administration tool

Navicat for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X

A powerful MySQL database administration and development tool that are not only sophisticated enough for professional developers, but also easy to learn for new users. With a nice GUI, Navicat lets you quickly and easily create, organize, access and share information in a secure and easy way.

Navicat supports multiple connections. You can use Navicat to manage your local or remote MySQL server. Your remote My-SQL server can be running on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X or Windows platform.

Since early 2004, the monthly download has exceeded 220,000 records; Navicat is recognized as the Most Popular MySQL front end GUI. It is available in three OS platforms - Window, Mac OS X and Linux.

Major Features:

Navicat supports MySQL users from AOL, BT, Vodafone, Ford Motor, The Gillette Company, Sony Music, Intel ,Boeing, Kodak, FedEx, Hitachi, Sharp, KPMG Advisory, Ericsson, Siemens AG, Yahoo!, Imation, Lexmark, Cisco Systems, RSA Security, Avis (Europe), U.S. Department of Energy, Harris Bank, Central Carolina Bank, Harvard University, Oxford University, NASA Space Flight Center, MIT, Stanford University, Columbia University and many more.

Navicat for Windows

...supports Synchronization and View Builder.

Main Featured Functions of Navicat (Window Version):

Navicat for Windows System Requirements

Navicat for Linux

...supports Import/Export Wizard and Query Builder.

Main Featured functions of Navicat (Linux Version):

Navicat for Linux System Requirements

Navicat for Mac OS X

...supports SSH Tunnel and Synchronization.

Main Featured Functions of Navicat (Mac OS X Version):

Navicat for Mac OS X System Requirements

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Navicat, a powerful My SQL database administration tool. Supporting access to MySQL, Navicat for MySQL. PremiumSoft CyberTech

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