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Animation Carbon

Overview How many times have you wished that there was tool which would simply copy animations from one shape to another shape? Here is the answer to your wishes.

The one of most time consuming aspect while designing is creating animations. It is frustrating that PowerPoint can't transfer animations. That's where Animation Carbon steps in. Animation Carbon can transfer animation from any shape on the slide to another shape or from one of animation libraries you create. Not only that, you can copy animations from a shape and store it for reuse in an animation library. Animation Carbon can transfer animations from one shape to multiple shapes with a single click on a button. Simply select the shapes on the slide and then select the shape from which you wish to copy the animations and click "Apply'.

The animations while to copied onto all the shapes that were selected. What's more? Not only can you transfer the animations from one shape to another, you can also group a series of animations applied to a shape and give it a caption. This will be stored in your "animation library" for later reuse. You can create as many libraries as you wish, however you can load only one library at a time. The groups can be categorized.

Batch Exporter

A tool designed to breakup the elements of a presentation into various components. These export components presently are Slide, Images and Text. The key word being batch ?
The user can perform the operations on several specified presentations in a single session in a quick and efficient manner.

Slides: A presentation is made up of slides however for cataloguing purposes you might want to stored each slide in the presentation as a separate file. The slide export component does that precisely.

It saves each slide in the presentation as an individual presentation. Images: Images of the slides can be exported into a variety of formats supported by Microsoft PowerPoint ? JPG, EMF, TIFF, PNG, WMF, BMP, etc., to name a few common formats. They can be exported at multiple resolutions during the same export session. Text: The component enables the user to extract the text from the presentation and notes pages and organize it into a single file or individual files for each slide. You can download the trial version. None of the features have been disabled in the trial version. You can use it for 14 days. If you find the tool useful, you can make a purchase online to register your copy.

Handout Wizard for PowerPoint

The Handout Wizard is used to create handouts of PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint does support handouts, however these are limited in layouts and they can only be printed.

You cannot format a handout to be printed beyond manipulating few shapes on the handout master of PowerPoint. The Handout Wizard add-in does away with all such limitations. It creates handouts in presentation format. You can edit the output file. You can customize it exactly to your requirement. Better yet it offers layout definition templates - to create your own unique layouts!

Image Importer Wizard

Power-Point provides a support for importing a variety of image formats into the presentations. However these rich features are hampered by the fact that they are repetitive and extremely boring when one has to import in a whole bunch of images.

Image Importer Wizard (IIW ) has been primarily designed to do just that - take the pain out of importing a whole bunch of images!!! This is a full featured add-in which imports images from specified folder(s), from specified images formats, specified number of images/slide, in the specified order from the specified selection. Salient features : Insert multiple images into new/existing slides of a presentation Image(s) can be positioned, linked, embedded, saved with presentation while linking.

Define the sequence in which the images have to be imported. Image(s) can be set as the background to a slide - tiled or stretched. A specified folder and it's sub folders can be searched or you could create a list of folders to search in. Most of the commonly used image formats can be imported. Quick, simple and saves a lot of your productivity time, time saved is money earned. Loads as an add-in in PowerPoint and is fully integrated with the Office Assistant. Most importantly, all the specified criteria can be re-used if you save it as a Named setting.

Secure Pack

The ideal solution for distributing PowerPoint presentations. Protect presentations from being changed by the viewer who receives them.

With the Secure Pack Wizard, any Microsoft PowerPoint user can quickly package one or multiple presentations into a SINGLE executable archive. You can also include the files linked within them in the archive and distribute them for viewing and/or editing. Easily distribute this archive on CD's or upload it to the your website for downloads. It converts the presentations into a valuable protected information resource that can be viewed exactly as you want it be viewed.

Shyam's Tool Box for Power Point

Sometimes, you may wish - If only PowerPoint could do this! Well, your wish may have already come true in this collection of often wished were present in PowerPoint but never found - Shyam's ToolBox.

Easy manipulation of the Media/Image/OLE/File links in the presentation, very useful while creating relative links for a Autorun CD or distribution. Create custom shows faster/export them in separate presentations, as slides, as images, or as slide images into another presentation. Extract embedded images from a presentation. Insert Flash movies into PowerPoint easily. Export a presentation as individual slides, images, or as slide images into another presentation. Reapply notes layout across the entire presentation with a single click. Convert OLE/Linked OLE shapes into a Group shape or picture to optimize file size. Extract text in the presentation. Extract sound files (*.wav) from a presentation into a designated folder. Customizable quick access toolbar & interface.

Newbie/advanced programmers can quickly generate code for creating menus using the Menu Editor Gather all information about various menus available using the Menu Browser. Set/Edit/Delete Tags. Rename/Hide Shapes on a slide. Get shape information. Arrange/Stack/Size/Group across the presentation with just a few clicks. Insert multiple slides of desired layout, reverse/randomize the slide order. Erase all document properties (meta data) Change case, Small caps, format chemical equations. Create Agenda slides with hyperlinks, of custom shows, title slides, etc. Appropriate prompt and warnings inbuilt into the interface. Insertion of page count/path information/preview thumbnails Create thumbnails of Slides in desired layout, as opposed to constrained Handouts available in PowerPoint. And much more...

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