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Reg Keeper- e-Sales Tracking Software

Whether your company sell software or other products via the Internet, the Reg-Keeper is a must have tool for you. Our program will supply you with the robust database-driven system for tracking electronic sales and will automate most of routine work with orders processing.

If you're a shareware author, mISV, or software vendor, then you should be using RegKeeper to manage your sales and customer contacts. If your Internet sales are not software-related, Reg-Keeper will parse and process your order forms, generate invoices , send emails produce reports and as result will save you time and money, too.

Reg Keeper is a Windows program that automates most of the work of order processing, sales tracking, and communications with customers. The program tracks your direct sales, affiliate sales, and sales made through resellers such as Pay-Pal, RegNow, ShareIt, Plimus and others. Reg-Keeper imports each of these resellers" order confirmation emails, and automatically builds sales records in your database. The program can also email registration keys, maintain a refunds and chargebacks black list, filter and process emails, track sales history, and produce reports and graphs.

Reg-Keeper was designed by a software developer and mISV, with experience dealing with customers and eCommerce companies. The program saves hours of processing time each month, eliminates frustration, and lets you do a better job of communicating with your customers.

With RegKeeper you get a robust database-driven system for managing your products, orders, and third-party resellers such as PayPal, Share-It!, Plimus, Reg-Now, North-Star Solutions, eSellerate, Reg-Soft, Digi-Buy, V-Share, SW-REG, Reg.Net,, Emetrix, Qwerks, Palm-Gear, Handango, Miva Merchant, Soft-Key, Kagi, 2-Check-Out and Safe-Harbor
When you use Reg-Keeper, your customers will never wait for a response. Once an order is processed, the program automatically sends a confirmation message to the customer. If you sell shareware, RegKeeper will also generate unlock information.

Resource Builder

Tired of editing resource files? Keen to speed-up and improve the editing of resources scripts or files?

Nowadays, resource files are used in almost all applications development, but resource editing has always been a difficult and non-trivial task. Using our Resource Builder, the resource editing becomes the easiest and fastest task in your programming cycle. Our resource editor will provide you with a lot of easy-to-use and user-friendly What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors for each type of resource, and you will produce software even quicker than before. Full support for Windows Vista icons in icon resource editor brings you the most powerful resource editing tools for your projects.

Haben Sie es satt, Ressourcendateien zu bearbeiten? Wollen Sie die Bearbeitung von Ressourcenscripts oder -dateien beschleunigen?

Heutzutage werden Ressourcendateien bei nahezu allen Anwendungsentwicklungen verwendet, aber Ressourcen zu bearbeiten ist immer eine schwierige und anspruchsvolle Aufgabe gewesen. Mit Resource Builder kann die Ressourcenbearbeitung zur leichtesten und schnellsten Aufgabe im Programmierablauf werden. Unser Ressourcen-Editor bietet Ihnen eine Anzahl leicht zu bedienender und benutzerfreundlicher WYSIWYG-Editoren (What You See Is What You Get=Originalgetreue Darstellung der Druckausgabe am Bildschirm) für beliebige Ressourcentypen. Damit erfolgt die Softwareentwicklung schneller als zuvor.

Tsi-Lang Components Suite

The problem of internationalization will sooner or later arise for all software companies and developers who intend to distribute their applications worldwide, and who wish to create localized versions for different foreign markets. If your development platform is Borland Delphi, C++Builder, or Kylix, then Tsi-Lang Components Suite brings you a powerful solution for multilingual localization of your software.

TsiLang Components Suite will enable your programs to support as many languages (locales) as you want. It allows localization of all required elements of the user interface, provides flexible modes to store and manage translations, and switches UI language on-the-fly.

Die Notwendigkeit der Internationalisierung kommt früher oder später auf alle Entwickler und Softwarehäuser zu, die beabsichtigen ihre Produkte weltweit zu vertreiben und hierzu lokalisierte Versionen für die einzelnen lokalen Märkte erzeugen wollen. Falls Ihre Entwicklungsumgebung Borland Delphi, C++Builde oder Kylix ist, steht Ihnen mit Tsi-Lang Component Suite eine leistungsfähige Lösung für die mehrsprachige Lokalisierung Ihrer Software zur Verfügung.
TsiLang Components Suite ermöglicht es Ihren Anwendungen beliebig viele Sprachen (Gebietsschema) zu unterstützen. Sie ermöglicht die Lokalisierung aller Elemente einer Benutzeroberfläche, liefert flexible Methoden zur Speicherung und Verwaltung von Übersetzungen und kann die Sprachen während der Programmausführung umstellen.

VCL Scheduling Agent

SiComponents Scheduling Agent is a VCL wrapper for Microsoft Task Scheduler API.

The core component TTaskScheduler and attendant classes enable your Delphi or C++ Builder application to:

Full support for Windows Vista Task Scheduler 2 provides you ability to forget about porting your code to new interface. Scheduling Agent will automatically work with Vista Task Scheduler when your applications run on Windows Vista.

Supported IDEs: Borland Delphi 4 and later; C++ Builder 4 and later.

The main advantage of using SiComponents Scheduling Agent in comparison with other scheduling suites is that most of the work on the task maintenance and launching is performed by the operating system. That is, if you want your application to run within scheduled times you do not need to put a timer into the application and make it resident. Add the Scheduling Agent to your project and Windows will launch your program just-in-time, with the parameters and custom data you have provided. Detailed demo project will guide you through all the features and show you how to perform the most used actions you need.

MSEW - Multi Screen Emulator for Windows

Nowadays, the computer has become a universal tool and can be used in any context. Computers are a combination of a special working tool, typewriter, calculator, game machine, CD- and DVD-player and even TV set. It is possible to do almost everything using the computer! At the same time, it is not required to install particular Microsoft Windows for each task separately. You have the possibility to install and launch games; working and development tools; office and entertainment applications on a single Microsoft Windows workstation. However, in the event of all of these applications being launched simultaneously, the number of windows will be dramatically increased, and the switching from one application to another can make you crazy.

Multi Screen Emulator for Windows (MSEW) helps to solve this problem, and arranges all these windows onto virtual screens to get rid off any disorder and chaos on your Windows desktop. MSEW creates up to eight virtual screens and each of them can be used for specific aims. For example, you can launch all working tools such as text editors, spreadsheets and engineering tools on the first screen; use the second one for launching games, and the third one to launch a slideshow or CD-player with pleasant music. The virtual screens can be switched off done by using the MSEW panel or by hot keys.

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