Telerik Controls - Accelerate the roll out of any project

Telerik Controls: Download ASP.NET Components - Accelerate the Roll Out of any Project

Telerik RAD controls

A collection of indispensable ASP.NET components for rapid web-development and content management. They combine advanced features with extensive capabilities for customization, which can significantly accelerate the roll-out of any project - from small static sites to enterprise-wide systems.

Included Components

System Requirements - r.a.d. controls - Browser Support (Windows environment):

Browser Support (Macintosh environment):

Known issues under Gecko-based browsers (Mac and PC)

Using r.a.d. editor w/ Netscape 7.1, Mozilla 1.3 or FireFox 0.8 - after moving the scroll bar of the page the following occurred: The above mentioned issues are browser-related and, despite of our efforts, can be easily fixed without the help of the browser's developers. Earlier versions of Netscape and Mozilla do not support richtext editing so the editor cannot be used. The same holds true for Internet Explorer and Safari.

Browser Support r.a.d. designer

Browser Support spell

Browser Support chart

Browser Support menu

Known issues under IE (Mac):

Browser Support panelbar

Browser Support treeview

Known issues under Gecko-based browsers (Mac and PC):

Browser Support rotator

Browser Support tabstrip

ASP.NET Components - telerik rad controls

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Telerik Controls: a collection of indispensable Asp.Net components. Accelerate the roll out of any project. Rapid web-development

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Telerik Controls: Accelerate the Roll Out of any Project - Telerik Controls free download