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Telerik designer

The first browser-based component ware CMS tool for the .NET framework. It provides an open, extendable environment for visual construction and management of web-sites, intranets, and web-applications. Using simple point-and-clicks developers and end-users can create layout templates, build individual pages, and interconnect them in a natural WYSIWYG manner.

Built as a standard ASP.NET server control

r.a.d. designer is not a CMS framework or solution, that requires time and effort to learn and deploy.

Intuitive WYSIWYG environment

rad designer is developed to transfer the process of web-site creation and content management to the web. There is no preview panel - your workspace is your real web-site, so watch it grow.

Fits any site design

There are numerous CMS solutions that represent little more than a content editor with a file browser. However, the content editors are neither capable of handling complex site designs, nor of incorporating other static or dynamic .NET controls (control in control is not allowed).

True "browse-and-edit" approach

The idea behind rad designer is to make your site instantly editable if you have sufficient permissions.

Integrated content editor - r.a.d. editor

To enhance the experience of WYSIWYG site management, r.a.d. designer is bundled with our leading content editor, called r.a.d. editor.

Content reuse through layout templates

r.a.d. designer uses a flexible layout templates logic to facilitate a high level of content reuse and speed up the development of a web-site, while ensuring design consistency and minimizing the possibility for mistakes.

Easy integration of other controls

One of the unique features of rad designer is the ability to easily integrate other dynamic web controls in the future web-site.

Open architecture for extendable functionality

r.a.d. designer has an open architecture, which allows you to plug-in external controls and extend its functionality.

User roles and security module

The roles and security module, provided with r.a.d. designer, allows you to enforce the process of site management in an organization with multiple users/departments.

Included add-ons (controls)

TELERIK rad Designer - System Requirements Designer

Server Designer

Client Designer

Editor/IDE Designer

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Telerik Designer. The first browser-based componentware Cms tool 4 the Net framework. Web sites intranets web applications. Standard ASP.NET server

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