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Vamsoft ORF - Open Relay Filter Enterprise Edition

ORF can be used with the IIS SMTP Service shipped with Microsoft WindowsR2 Servers and Microsoft Exchange Servers.

ORF Enterprise Edition (Open Relay Filter) is an anti-spam solution that helps you to block spam before it reaches your network. ORF uses a combination of anti-spam technologies and custom filtering options to stop the spam on SMTP protocol level. ORF can be used with the IIS SMTP Service shipped with Microsoft Windows Servers and Microsoft Exchange Servers.

A solution for the growing number of spam we receive everyday, focusing on Microsoft Windows SMTP Service and Microsoft Exchange Server platforms.

ORF Enterprise Edition is an enterprise-level anti-spam solution that helps you to block spam before it reaches your network. ORF uses DNS blacklists (DNSBL/RBL databases like MAPS) and has its own tools to stop spam on SMTP protocol level.
ORF can be used with the Windows SMTP built-in IIS SMTP Service and Microsoft Exchange SMTP servers (which use this service for SMTP communication).

The ORF anti-spam add-on for Windows servers that protects you from being flooded by unsolicited bulk emails.

The ORF Enterprise Edition is a spam filter software which integrates with Microsoft Windows IIS SMTP Service and Microsoft Exchange Server to perform server-side email filtering. The ORF software was designed with performance and flexibility in mind and these make ORF an enterprise-level solution.

Why is it useful?

Based on recent studies and on our research, currently about 60% of the Internet emails are unsolicited bulk emails, also called "spam". It takes resources to deal with spam, which leads to business loss: from storage and administration cost to loss in productivity.

ORF helps you to stop these spam emails on your server, before they would cause any business loss to you.

How does ORF work?

ORF integrates into the incoming SMTP sessions (the email transfer protocol) and perform tests on the emails. If the incoming email fails on these tests, the email get rejected, tagged or redirected. ORF offers wide range of tests, from source check (DNS blacklists, IP and sender blacklists, reverse DNS tests) to content check like advanced keyword and attachment filtering.

An unique feature provided by ORF is its dual filtering model, which allows filtering emails both before email arrival and on email arrival. Filtering emails before arrival allows you to effectively stop spam in a very resource-friendly way, while filtering on arrival provides a wider range of tests and actions, such as redirecting, tagging or dropping the spam emails.

Filtering before arrival is supported by many popular mail servers in the industry, such as Sendmail, Exim, Procmail, qmail, iPlanet Messaging Server or Postfix and used is by large ISPs to protect their users from spam.

ORF Enterprise Edition - Product Specification

ORF is a high-performance spam filtering extension for Microsoft IIS SMTP Service and Microsoft Exchange servers.

How does it work?

ORF employs multiple filtering technologies, such as DNS blacklists, SURBL checks, greylisting, keyword and attachment filtering to identify spam and other kind of unwanted emails.

The ORF SMTP Module builds into the SMTP conversations and monitors specific events to perform filtering. The unique dual filtering model allows protocol-level protection, which saves storage and bandwidth.

ORF Enterprise Edition - Highlights

This is a brief introduction of the features and capabilities provided by ORF Enterprise Edition:

Dual filtering model

ORF works on SMTP transport level. This allows filtering emails before they would be actually sent by the sender server (Before Arrival Filtering). Filtering on email arrival is also supported by ORF.

Always up-to-date software: DNS blacklists and SURBLs

ORF's most effective spam filtering feature is the ability to use DNS blacklist and SURBLs. These are online databases of various spam characteristics.
Most of these blacklists, like SpamCop or DSBL are updated almost every second which guarantees that ORF can block the latest spam attacks.

Attachment filtering

The flexible attachment filtering options provided by ORF allow you to drop emails with specific attachment types or to replace the attachments with a customisable warning text.

Custom tests: SPF test, Keyword filtering, Greylisting, Reverse DNS, FQDN test, etc.

For the most effective filtering ORF also offers custom tests in addition to the above, such as SPF sender validation, grey listing, powerful keyword filtering with regular expression support, the reverse DNS (RDNS) test or the ability to work with third-party software like virus scanners.

Reject emails sent to non-existent recipients

Unlike other mail servers, Exchange does not reject emails addressed to local recipients that does not exist. Exchange 2000 accepts the email for delivery and bounces the email later if the recipient user does not exist. Spam is often sent with fake sender email address that does not exist to recipients that are no longer valid, which results in tons of NDR's filling up the mail queue. Using the ORF's Active Directory integration you can reject incoming emails addressed to local mailboxes that are no longer (or never been) valid.

Outstanding performance

Due to its design and the filtering technologies used, ORF can filter millions of emails a day on an average server hardware. It is being used in networks with a daily average of 2-3 millions incoming mail without any performance problems.

Unlike many other software, ORF does not run as a mail relay server, instead it integrates with the high-performance Microsoft IIS SMTP Service (also used by Microsoft Exchange).

General email filtering tools

Using ORF you can create your own IP address, sender and recipient email address lists. While the white lists can be used to exclude hosts, senders or local mailboxes from filtering, the same type of blacklists help you reject messages from specific hosts or IP ranges, senders (domains) or local mailboxes.

Monitoring and Reporting

ORF produces detailed, customizable logs about the incoming emails that can be viewed by a built-in log viewer. Real-time statistics are also available.

Detailed printable reports can be generated for arbitrary periods, which helps to fine-tune performance and understand your email traffic better.

System requirements

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High Level Spam Protection: Open Relay Filter Enterprise Edition. Vamsoft ORF is an anti-spam solution that helps you to block network spam

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