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Webyog: Download SQLyog 5 PRO, Enterprise, User Pack - Powerful tool to manage MySQL databases

Webyog SQLyog Enterprise

An easy to use yet powerful tool to manage your My-SQL databases. Its GUI interface lets you to quickly and easily create/drop databases, tables, fields, indexes, foreign key relationships, etc.

It allows you to connect to your MySQL server even if you don't have correct access privileges. You can backup/restore databases, synchronize two databases, manage user privileges, repair/check/optimize databases. Its powerful ODBC Import Tool allows you to Import Data from any ODBC compliant datasource to My-SQL. And much more...

Enhanced Connectivity Options

Migration Tools

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Sql-Yog, an easy to use yet powerful tool to manage your Mysql databases. Webyog: SQLyog PRO, Enterprise licensePack. Connectivity Options Tools SQLyog

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