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Brain JoE - You know it... - Wisco English

BrainJoE of Wisco helps you to forget important details never again. Manage pin and password in a safe, fast database. Document your organization or your network. Use BrainJoE as a favorite list.

Brain-JoE safes valuable time for you. You can save and manage any information like texts, passwords or internet links. At this small program the special is the very fast and simple data input. An adaptable tree structure makes the organization of your data easy for you . Brain-JoE is very secure - it is nearly impossible to hack this database. A comfortable search function rounds off the using comfort. You can create as many databases as you want. Extensive export functions permit you the data passing on. BrainJoE isn't a spot solution. BrainJoE can intuitively and without training process be used. The explorer-like surface and Drag-and Drop make the work easier for you. Try Brain-JoE!

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BrainJoE von Wisco hilft Ihnen, nie wieder wichtige Details zu vergessen. Verwalten Sie PIN und Passwort in einer sicheren, schnellen Datenbank.

Dokumentieren Sie Ihre Organisation oder Ihr Netzwerk. Benutzen Sie BrainJoE als Favoriten-Liste. Brain-JoE sichert Ihnen wertvolle Zeit. Sie können jegliche Information wie Texte, Passwörter oder Internetverknüpfungen speichern und verwalten. Das Besondere an diesem kleinen Programm ist die sehr schnelle und einfache Dateneingabe. Eine anpassbare Baumstruktur erleichtert Ihnen die Organisation Ihrer Daten. BrainJoE ist sehr sicher - es nahezu unmöglich, Ihre Datenbank zu knacken. Eine komfortable Suchfunktion rundet den Bedienkomfort ab. Sie können beliebig viele Datenbanken erzeugen. Umfangreiche Exportfunktionen erlauben Ihnen die Datenweitergabe. Brain-JoE ist keine Insellösung. BrainJoE ist intuitiv und ohne Einarbeitungsprozess zu bedienen. Die explorerartige Oberfläche und Drag-and-Drop erleichtern Ihnen die Arbeit. Versuchen Sie Brain-JoE!

Synch-Pst for Outlook - English

If you have been searching for Outlook pst file utilities that will save you time and energy, SynchPst for Outlook is exactly what you need.

This Outlook pst file utility allows you to automatically match your Outlook pst files among your computers, and quickly and easily synchronize your laptop with your desktop. Synchronizing contacts, emails, notes and appointments is simple with SynchPst, and it also makes it easier to share information and calendars with your colleagues. Not many Outlook pst file utilities offer you the simplicity and versatility of Synch-Pst. This tool allows you synchronize pst files in an intelligent way, rather than relying on copy and paste. SynchPst is ideal for anyone who travels a lot and regularly receives email to their laptop. With the help of our outlook pst file utility, you can synchronize the laptop with your other computers and ensure that your email folders are always up to date. In other words, there is no need to carry on looking for Outlook pst file utilities. You will soon discover how useful Synch-Pst for Outlook really is. Finally, unlike some other outlook pst file utilities, you can actually try this one before you decide if you want to buy it.

Synch Pst für Outlook - Deutsch

Sparen Sie Zeit und Geld mit diesem Synchronisierungs-Werkzeug. Synchronisieren Sie Ihr Outlook auf zwei oder mehreren Computern.

Die Ein-Klick Synchronisierung sorgt für den schnellen Abgleich. Gleichen Sie Ihre Outlook-Daten von Ihrem Laptop mit Ihrem Desktop ab. Teilen Sie sich mit Ihren Kollegen Ihre Kontakte und Ihren Kalender! Es werden Kontakte, Notizen, Aufgaben, Kalender und Email unterstützt. Löschungen werden berücksichtigt. Abgleich Ihres gesamten Outlook oder von einzelnen Unterordnern.

Outlook Printer

An Outlook add-in to print your Outlook emails.

Get rid of your Outlook email printing problems!
Did you ever want to print your emails in a different layout?
Do you like that the mail account is printed at the top of your email print out?
Do you think that it is acceptable that you cannot choose a different printer if you print your email in the Memo style?

You are using your cooperate style in your normal documents.

Why don't you print your email in your style, too?

Outlook-Printer is the solution for your Outlook email print problems!

Easy to use!

When you want to print out an email you just click on the Outlook-Printer toolbar and choose "Print selection with default template" and your email will be printed.
Of course you can modify the look and feel of your template.

Task To Cal for Outlook

Outlook manages your appointments separately from your tasks...

But you need to know when you have to work on a specific task. With Task-To-Cal all your tasks are added to your calendar with the same subject. If you move your appointment then the task is changed, too.

Task-To-Cal displays your Outlook tasks automatically in your Outlook calendar

This Outlook add-in integrates completely in your Outlook.

Now you can see your tasks in your calendar and will never forget an important task!

The notes and the state of your task are listed in the appointment.

If you change a task in your calendar then this task will be edited in your task folder automatically.

If you delete a task then this task will be deleted in your calendar, too.

As your tasks are now really appointments you can print your completed calendar and have the perfect overview.

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