Plug-in powerful modulation. Zebra audio unit, Urs Heckmann

Download Urs Heckmann: Zebra Audio Unit Plug-In - Virtual Synthesizer Modulation

Zebra Audio Unit

The next-generation virtual synthesizer plug-in.

Zebra is a next-generation virtual synthesizer plug-in. It combines subtractive and additive synthesis with a powerful modulation engine that even smoothly integrates with the built-in effects section.

With the advent of version 1.5, Zebra has become a modular synth. Now it's way more powerful than it had already been...

A demo version for MacOS X Audio Units is available to musicians with fastidious sound requirements.

Zebra at a glance:

Zebra for live performers (or just awesome new creative experimentation):

Zebra for sound designers:


Filter Scape is a filtering plug-in with a modular architecture. It features 2 filters, a 4-band equalizer, a digital delay, step sequencers, lfos and envelope followers. This lets you create evolving effects from otherwise static material, or it lets you mangle drumloops beyond imagination.

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Zebra Audio Unit: Zebra is a virtual synthesizer plug-in. Urs Heckmann: Zebra Audio Unit Virtual Synthesizer available with powerful modulation

Download Zebra Audio Unit, Urs Heckmann Plug-In

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Powerful Modulation Urs Heckmann - Zebra Audio Unit Plug-In